Erogenous Zones: Where The Signs Like To Be Touched

Aries: The face and head are the soft point on Aries. The men and women of this sign enjoy deep kissing, scalp massages and have their hair played with. A good way to relax your Aries and get them in the mood is massage their scalp. When you kiss them, caress their cheekbones.

Taurus: The neck is their soft spot. They love neck kisses, throat kisses. The nape of their neck is the most sensitive. To relax them and arouse them. Massage the neck and slowly begin to leave soft kisses.

Gemini: Shoulders to their fingers are the sensitive areas. They love the cliche kisses up the arms, shoulder rubs and have their fingers nibbled and sucked. Best way to calm your Gemini is massage their shoulders until they tell you to stop.

Cancer: The Breasts are their erogenous zones. Even the men have sensitive nipples and pectorals. To arouse you Cancer man, place your hands on his chest and softly move your hands up and down. To arouse you Cancer woman, rub their sides and pass over the breasts.

Leo: Their backs are sensitive to almost any touch. Back rubs and spine kisses make them weak in the knees. A way to relax and arouse your Leo, lay them on their stomach and rub their back until you hear contented sighs and squeals. Kissing their spines is also away to their heart.

Virgo: The stomach and waist are sensitive to this signs. The men and women enjoy having their sides ghosted over by fingers and their stomachs caressed. In order to arouse your Virgo, hold them loosely around the waist and ghost your fingertips up their abdomen.

Libra: The lower back and buttocks. Firm squeezes and gentle smacks on their behind will surely have your Libra ready for a love making session. However, don’t be too rough as this area is sensitive to pleasure and pain.

Scorpio: Their genitals. Yes, everyone’s genitals are sensitive, but with Scorpio it is a whole new level. Also the men born under this sign tend be more well endowed. The men and the women of this sign get aroused quickly and sustain that arousal.

Sagittarius: Their hips and thighs are their weak spots. Even the men love to have their hips gently squeezed and their thighs kissed, The best way to arouse your Sagittarius is to slip your fingertips under the hem of their pants or skirt and rub their hips.

Capricorn: The knees are the weak spot for this sign. The love having their knees touched and even kissed. A good way to arouse your Capricorn is to cuddle them and run your fingers along their knees in a circular motion.

Aquarius: The calves and ankles are sensitive. They like having full leg massages and become aroused when their legs are pampered. The best way to get them in the mood is massage their tired legs after a long day.

Pisces: The feet. Funny thing about Pisces is that some people born under this sign hate feet and do not like having their feet touched due to their sensitivity. However, if you Pisces does like their feet touched; the best way to get them in the mood is to rub and kiss their feet. Some might even like their toes sucked and nibbled on. 

Posted on Jun 20, 2013
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